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asHost has been a "secret" for a while ...
... originally it was meant for my own personal use, i.e. avoid using the mouse ... it has since evolved into a test-bed for mGUI, plus it contains some rather "strange" tools ... ;-)
This documentation is by no means complete, and only contains some minimal information.

Current Status: asHost v1.2.7, 09 Aug 2009


Download, the asHost program.


  1. copy asHost.exe to e.g. C:\Program Files\asHost
  2. Start asHost.exe
  3. Select MainMenu >> Files >> Preferences:
    1. >> tab "ASIO" >> set ASIO driver
    2. >> tab "VST Folder" >> set at least 1 valid VST folder
    3. >> "MIDI Inputs" >> select the MIDI input you want to be active, THEN press F2 to name the Port.
      NOTE: MIDI inputs will ONLY be active if they are named
    4. >> click OK to accept all changed made to the Preferences.
  4. Select MainMenu >> MIDI >> Virtual Ports and select one of the MIDI port names activated set in step 3c.
  5. Close down asHost and Restart asHost ...

CPU Meter problems

If the CPU meter doesn't work properly then check in RegEdit:
  Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\PerfOS\Performance
  Value: Disable Performance Counters = 0
--- or ---
View the following Microsoft article for instructions on how to correct this issue:

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